Rocket-ETL: High-Performance ETL Engine and SDK

Rocket-ETL is a high-performance computing solution for extract-transform-load operations and/or data processing pipeline operations. It supports a configurable number of processor threads and writer threads and implements a high-performance queue between them. A single threaded reader is employed. It comes packaged with CSV file readers and writers; however, any format is easily integrated into the system. It even supports sub-classing the main() function to provide a custom layer of options and argument processing for usage in the file readers and writers. Rocket-ETL is used by OpenRE to facilitate the import of MLS data.

Rocket-ETL even integrates with external languages for specific processing not automatically included with Rocket-ETL. This makes it extremely desirable for any data processing you may have, as the pipeline is already highly tuned to support the workload. Rocket-ETL integrates the following languages:

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